The Surprising Benefits of Reading Bedtime Stories

Bedtime stories are great fun to read but did you know that reading to your children has numerous benefits for their general development?

Children reading bedtime stories

Photo by Ben Mullins on Unsplash

Early literacy and language skills

Unsurprisingly, studies have shown that reading with young children help develop their literacy, language and listening skills. Promoting reading at a young age (even with young babies!) will make your child’s entry to school a little easier, preparing them to fully and successfully develop their reading ability. Reading to young children is also key to expose them to new vocabulary, an exposure that will expand their vocabulary, supporting early language and reading skills. And the positive effects will sustain throughout their early life into teenage years!

Social and emotional development

There will come a time where your children will exert their autonomy and spend less time with mum and dad. This is why this one-on-one time is a very special moment to cherish that will contribute towards building a strong relationship with your child.

Bedtime stories are also a great way to develop social skills that will be key for children to confidently navigate society later in life. Empathy, problem solving skills, knowing right from wrong, critical thinking, courage, curiosity are some of the abilities that a child can develop from reading stories. Take the example of fairy tales and folk tales, most often than not the first type of stories to which young children are exposed. Who didn’t feel bad for Cinderella, bullied by her cruel stepsisters and stepmother?

These stories also often teach important life lessons: don’t break into people’s houses and eat their food (looking at you Goldilocks), don’t judge people based on their appearances (Beauty and the Beast), etc.

Nurturing a love of reading and learning

Inspire a love of reading. A positive experience with books in childhood will create a habit of reading that will last throughout life.

Reading nourishes the imagination

Photo by Paul Sequeira, U.S. NARA

Reading stories encourages imagination and creativity. Imagination is a key element of the creative process. Reading stimulates the creation of the visual representation of the story in our mind. Watching a cartoon does not trigger this creative process as much as the full visual image is already provided to us and less effort is required from our brains.  The fundamental ability to create has been found important for happiness and general well-being.

Learning about cultures and traditions from around the world

Many stories are not set in the place where we live. Stories from different parts of the world help children appreciate our cultural diversity. How wonderful to learn about the inhabitants of our beautiful planet without leaving the comfort of our homes!

Combining entertainment and pleasure

Are you now convinced of the many benefits of reading bedtime stories to your children? So what are you waiting for? Grab a book and spend a precious time with your child/children. Or take advantage of technology and download our Baododo app where you will find many beautifully illustrated stories from around the world. And what’s also particularly great about our application? Children can have the stories read aloud to them by simply pressing a button: a great feature when no one is around to read…or re-read the stories as children enjoy reading the same story over and over again, which is great as researches have shown that repetition is best for learning!

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